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The prompt lines open for submission for FromOneLine Volume 3 are numbers 119 – 177 (this includes the prompt line “I have a hunger” which does not have a number). Click HERE for the Submissions form.


#FromOneLine is a creative (writing) prompt started in 2019 by megwaf, where a single line is given as a prompt and writers are invited to take the line and run with it. The prompt lines have been donated by members of the #FromOneLine writing community. The variety and diversity of writing that comes back from just one line is astounding. Dip in, be inspired, and see where one line can take you…

1. I have borrowed words from you

2. There was no way of telling

3. When the last shadows fell

4. It was left in plain sight

5. I hadn’t realised the time

6. There are noises in the garden

7. He should have done it by now

8. It wasn’t always like this

9. Her steps were slow and measured

10. It was heavier than expected

11. They left the light on

12. The stone was cold to touch

13. I forgot what it was

14. He turned back once again

15. The tiles were still wet

16. It was the last one

17. It was two days late

18. The fire had gone out

19. We all felt the earth move

20. I left the lid off

21. She circled the words

22. Have you had enough

23. It wasn’t obvious at first

24. There was nothing left

25. This one was different

26. What if I told you

27. There was blossom on the trees

28. She made a cup of tea

29. He opened his eyes just in time

30. The paint was almost dry

31. It was only one line

32. She thought the house was empty

33. “Where have you been?” she asked

34. As soon as there was enough

35. The morning after told a different story

36. I never knew words were beautiful

37. There was that noise again

38. “You do have a plan, don’t you?”

39. We decided to stay

40. I wrote my last note to you which read

41. Don’t start with me

42. My clock has no hands

43. I wanted to tell you that

44. Had I remembered correctly

45. At the horizon

46. After all this

47. Do you see me

48. If I could, I would

49. Let me put it this way

50. Whisper my name

51. I knew there was hope when

52. Every time I think of you

53. Swirling leaves of sage predicted

54. At the last moment

55. In the silence

56. As I blinked I thought

57. How can you melt in the rain

58. Keep it a secret

59. While we were apart

60. I was too empty for words

61. One hour left

62. There is no sun today

63. As if i needed a reason

64 . Living between rainbows

65. I’ve had enough

66. We look but rarely see

67. Somewhere in the future

68. From this seed, I was born

69. Why should we write

70. A half-hidden path

71. There was nothing wise about it

72. The time I take

73. The door was left open

74. It was like getting mouldy raspberries

75. Because of you

76. Her face was on the wall

77. The price of humanity was

78 . A light flickered

79. Find me

80. That’s absurd

81. It was more purple than green

82. For precious minutes

83. Give me a reason

84. It’s unlikely but not impossible

85. In a sea of faces

86. When the day ended

87. All the walls are waterfalls

88. At the bottom of the cup

89. I’m spitting venom

90. Where the vines tangle

91. I have to stop now, she said

92. No toil without tears

93. Behind the Invisible Door

94. She always had cakes in the oven

95. And then came the first colour of autumn

96. Long lost but not forgotten

97. The quiet I usually crave

98. A hairy hand gripped my shoulder

99. It was the day I forgot my phone

100. A hundred bottles lined the shore

101. The skies used to be full of birds

102. The skein unravels

103. Don’t turn your back

104. If I were a house

105. It was a rainy day when I heard by

106. When you’re small and happy

107. Tell me why the daisies sing

108. It was a box, for memories they said

109. She always cut their sandwiches into triangles

110. Something inside me tightened like a fist

111. If you’ll step this way

112. How am I supposed to do this?

113. The last thing on my mind

114. In a world without wars

115. Pleasantries were exchanged

116. How tall is the grass

117. The fireball caught

118. Why have you phoned?

October 28th to November 23rd 2021 saw our first FromOneLine Special : Lines From The Dead 💀 : featuring lines taken from dead authors, as we celebrate and give thanks to those who came before us. (Click on the title links to read the full text).

💀 LinesFromTheDead No.1 : All at once the wolves began to howl – from Bram Stoker’s Dracula

💀 LinesFromTheDead No.2 : I don’t like our room a bit – from The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

💀 LinesFromTheDead No.3 : The envelope was covered with mud and unstamped – from The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 4 : We placed his remains under a cypress – from The Last Man by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 5 : And then, for a moment, all is still – from The Masque of The Red Death by Edgar Allan poe

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 6 : She had come back from burying the dead – from Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale-Hurston

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 7 : I have lost all my relations, and most of my friends – from The Old English Baron by Clara Reeve

119. Everyone wore a hat

120. If I were your jukebox

121. What colors do you see

122. The ball rolled into the undergrowth

123. I thought I’d survive without you

124. In the darkness of daylight

125. What had happened was

126. The melodies that play in my head

127. You’re like a sponge, he said

128. Only one more

129. The day I was caught

130. I never thought it strange before

131. If on a winter’s night a traveller

132. An owl eyed child

133. The shells crunched underfoot

134. if I rise before the sorrow

135. The shadow seeped over the wall

136. I am too lazy to sleep

137. It started on a Sunday

138. Lend me your voice

139. I remember the day when I met you

140. There is a crack on the wall

141. As one year rolls into another

142. The dead walked the moon

143. I ran towards the melodic humming

144. My hand closed over the handle

145. This is not my bed

146. Those who leave with words unsaid

147. With a thrill of recognition

148. I am not sure which came first

149. It just wasn’t enough

• Collaboration with MoveMePoetry for #MMPoetryBattle : FromOneLine provided the prompt line : I have a hunger

150. A summit of angels

151. The water chilled her

152. The box outside my door

153. I knew it was time

154. She peeked out from under the covers

155. A butterfly in the classroom

156. They used to hold hands

157. There was nothing before

158. In a cave of trees

159. Just a letter, lying there

160. A spoonful of dreams

161. They did not have a clue

162. Help me if you can

163. After the storm

164. The birds on my grave

165. There could be no other

166. Opening the door I saw

167. A bit of afternoon rain

168. Well, it’s done now

169. It took time to open

170. For what it’s worth

171. I tripped over

172. All the Mondays together

173. On the edge

174. It wasn’t the right key

175. Make sure you clear up

176. The morning air felt still

177. You never say my name

178. It always feels like home

179. The scent absorbed me

180. Little eyes could see

181. It was on the table

182. I’ve something in my pocket

183. Let’s go back to the caves

184. I’m not one of those

185. What is your modus operandi

186. It can happen at any time

187. Let me tell you this

188. I was three steps away

189. Crumpled papers lie

190. The spiders inside her

191. I was alarmed to wake up

192. She wore feathers in her hair

193. He never really felt like he belonged

194. Embed every aspect

195. We thought we had time

196. She kept me waiting

197. One day we’ll meet

198. Silent love letters

199. I woke to the sound of singing

200. When the sky stopped moving

201. It was found at the edge

202. We tiptoed around it

203. A voice from somewhere asked

204. It was about time

205. I climbed the fever tree

206. If this day should never end

207. Do not haunt

208. The rain never stopped

209. With eyes like diamonds

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